Instant video production with digital avatars

Type any text and we will generate a video where you will say it, like real, with your appearance, voice and emotions

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Significantly more realistic than any of the competitors. SpiritMe has a great opportunity to bring digital doubles to the masses

Kyle Ruddick - Filmmaker & Experience Designer

We had to create the onboarding for our users and videos for email outreach. SpiritMe avatars helped us achieve that personal touch, and also create videos with a small team and limited resources.

Valentine Steph - Head of Content Marketing at Ace

SpiritMe is truly fascinating. It has helped me on content creation. I just write my script, choose my avatar and the video is generated by SpiritMe. It saves time and it is super convenient.
The best part: all is done from my phone!

Kristel Çoçoli - Digital Influencer
SpiritMe - Digitize yourself and delegate pitching to your AI avatar | Product Hunt

How to become an avatar in 5 minutes

The easiest digitization on the market

Dynamic facial expressions engine

A unique technology in the avatar market

Why are we the best

Game-changing advantages


Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you`ll Pay



Try how it works with our stock avatars

  • 1 free minute
  • 3 stock avatars
  • Dynamic facial emotions
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Turn yourself into digital influencer with a custom avatar

from $15/month
from $150/ year
  • 1 custom avatar (Creator Pro subscription)
  • From 10 minutes of video per month
  • Dynamic facial emotions
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Special plan designed to suit your needs. Best choice for b2b

  • 10 minutes — 30 USD
    50 minutes — 100 USD
    100 minutes — 150 USD
  • 1 avatar — 500 USD / each
    5 avatars — 400 USD / each
    10 avatars — 300 USD / each
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Why you need avatars

Digital avatars in, video production out

Videos made cheap and fast for any business, 24/7. Now you're able to talk to your customers using a human face — all you need to do is write the text.

It’s a perfect helper for a digital celebrity or blogger

You can digitize anyone if you need to monetize their online appearance and generate more content without all these human problems. Our avatar will always work for you, while humans get their rest, mood swings and sick leaves.

It’s a tool to engage your communications

Do customers and employees mindlessly skip through your presentations? Engage your viewers attention with a digital avatar presenter and get that precious focus back.

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Personalized video ads and mailing lists

Since you can generate an endless amount of digital avatar content, you’re now able to address every customer by name! In a video!

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As a chatbot creator, you can spice up your content systems by adding a human-like avatar that will talk to your users.

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